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The San Francisco Embarcadero during King Tides. Photo courtesy of the California King Tides Project.

These days, the world of sea level rise adaptation in the Bay Area feels busier than ever. Just within Bay Adapt, many projects are underway to implement the tasks in the Joint Platform and many others are being planned.  We have leadership groups, stakeholder groups, new staff, new partners, and many everyday successes and challenges. It’s hard to track all the moving parts and understand what all this effort is adding up to. 


If you’ve been involved in any of our stakeholder groups, you’re probably up to speed on our complex processes, timelines, and deliverables.  But what really matters here isn’t the project management or published reports – it’s how well the region is achieving a more resilient future.  How we are righting the wrongs of historical environmental injustice. How we are protecting and enhancing the health of the bay and its habitats. How we’re preparing for flooded roads, wastewater treatment plants, and rail lines so we can move ourselves, our goods, and, yes, flush our toilets. And how we’re supporting one another, the residents of the Bay Area, to make empowered decisions about our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren. 

This blog is the place to capture the storytelling that can’t be quantified in metric or a planning guideline. 

This blog is envisioned to be the place to capture the many stories and voices that together make up the overarching success story of the Bay Adapt initiative.  It’s intended to highlight feel-good victories, take deep dives into new ideas and solutions, give first-person voices to our many partners, and share real-time learnings from the frontlines of Bay Adapt. It’s the place to capture the storytelling that can’t be quantified in metric or a planning guideline. 

To kick off this phase of Bay Adapt, we invite you to lend your own voice to this story.  The Regional Shoreline Adaptation Plan – our current project focused on creating a standard set of sea level rise adaptation planning guidelines to shape a set of sub-regional plans that cover the entire bay shoreline – is in the early stages of soliciting feedback on a shared vision for a resilient bay shoreline.  The visions we collect from residents and professionals throughout the region will shape the guidelines necessary to achieve our shared outcome.  We invite you to get involved – take our survey, attend our popups, or take a deep dive at our fall workshop.  Share your story.  Share with us your version of our resilient Bay Area future.  And watch this space as more chapters in our shared stories unfold. 

Survey for the Vision of the Future of Our Shorelines

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Dana Brechwald

Dana Brechwald

Dana is the Assistant Planning Director for Climate Adaptation at BCDC. She leads the Adapting to Rising Tides Program in the Planning Division and oversees the Bay Adapt initiative.

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