About the Regional Shoreline Adaptation Plan

Ensuring governments and communities across the region are working together to achieve consistent standards for shared adaptation success.

About This Project

Rising sea levels from climate change are already encroaching along our shorelines and will only accelerate in the coming decades. The impacts of sea level rise – and resources to plan and prepare for them – are unevenly distributed across the nine-county Bay Area. If everyone “goes it alone,” we risk maladaptation – catastrophic consequences such as unintentional flooding of our neighbors, leaving behind communities most at risk and with the least resources to adapt, the loss of our essential and invaluable coastal habitats, and missing out on opportunities to find shared solutions that benefit both local communities and the region as a whole.


The Regional Shoreline Adaptation Plan is a region-wide plan for the Bay shoreline that guides the creation of coordinated, locally-planned sea level rise adaptation actions that work together to meet regional goals.

Project Update

What can the future of the Bay Area and its shorelines look like? 

Please take this seven-minute survey to help us shape a shared vision for the future of the Bay Area’s shorelines and the people and ecosystems who depend on it.

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The Regional Shoreline Adaptation Plan will set the region on a path towards more coordinated and consistent local adaptation planning that advances our shared goals together. The Regional Shoreline Plan Adaptation will be collaboratively developed and include:



  1. A Shared Regional Vision and Measures of Success
  2. Subregional Plan Guidelines 
  3. Locally-created Subregional Adaptation Plans
  4.  An Online Mapping Platform 

The Regional Shoreline Adaptation Plan is being guided and developed by a broad range range of stakeholders. This includes:

  • BCDC Commission
  • Rising Sea Level Commissioner Working Group
  • Local Electeds Regional Task Force
  • Advisory Group
  • Broad Stakeholder Engagement, including partnership with Community-Based Organizations

In 2021, BCDC adopted the Bay Adapt Joint Platform – endorsed by over 55 cities, counties, non-profits, and more – lays out the actions necessary to protect the region from rising sea levels. The Regional Shoreline Adaptation Plan is an implementing project of the Joint Platform and will serve as a model for the State of California for how numerous jurisdictions across a shared region can work together to achieve coordinated planning and implementation for resilience.


  • Project Kickoff

    January 2023

  • Consultant Onboarding

    February - June 2023

  • Vision and Measures of Success

    July - October 2023

  • Subregional Adaptation Plans

    November 2023 -
    February 2025

  • Guidelines and Incentives

    March - July 2024

  • Final Draft and Public Comment

    August - September

  • Adoption of the Guidelines

    Anticipated October - November

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Contact Jaclyn Mandoske (Senior Climate Adaptation Planner)

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Regional Shoreline Adaptation Plan
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